Wild tiger eye Necklace

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A beautiful beaded tiger eye necklace is the ideal accessory to coordinate with the rich browns and earth tones that are currently so popular in clothing boutiques.Made with Wild Porcelain Animal Print Beads and Tiger eye chips that With its unique coloring and light-reflective qualities, the tiger eye necklace catches your eye and won’t let go!One of the most intriquing qualities of tiger eye is that its layers of color mean that each stone in a necklace can be entirely unique, not quite matching any of the other beads in the strand. There was a time when tiger eye was a rare and costly stone, but the discovery of rich deposits of the gem over a century ago knocked it down to semi-precious status. Ranging in color from reddish brown to yellow, tiger eye is a member of the quartz family of gemstones. This mysterious tiger's eye necklace will inspire your elegant look, wear it in every formal or casual ocassion


  1. i like this necklace , i love animal print , is sexy and exotic